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How to breed them?
This is one of the main queries putting by young enthusiasts wishing to start breeding (first place is for "...ok, but where is a stick insect?"). When a guest of pet-shop find a phasmid, what takes a few minutes, he wish to know how to breed this creature. There's a point! Honestly there're as many tips as many breeders, but there're some tips which everyone should follow. I wish to emphasize that tips listed on my website came form my friends and my experience. Other breeders, who you surely meet could have other opinion in this case.

In this part you will find breeding conditions, most common problems and useful tips how to solve them.
I hope that this knowlegde would be useful either beginners or advance breeders. If you have any further questions feel free use a from to send me an email at phasmids offer.