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   .: Welcome!

Adam Popiel, e-mail: adam.phasmids(at)gmail.com, Torun, Poland

oferta dla
osób z Polski

welcome in my small offer. Every month new enthusiasts are starting breed phasmids. We exchange our experience at forum and organizing meetings.
Join us and start breed these brilliant creatues! A few breeding tips you can find under care sheet link.
I've been sending phasmids' ova from many years. Properly protected from mechanical shocks they always arrived safely to new breeder. I'm well known between polish breeders, so if you have any doubt feel free to see/ask for my references at polish beeders forum. Please look also at some buying tips.
A few references from breeders - all over the world:

I know Adam for a long time now and all I can say about him is that he is the best of the best. His knowledge about phasmids is huge. Lots of breeders buy from him and are always satisfied. I can honestly recomend Adam.

Marta, buglady1@wp.pl (Gdańsk, Poland)
member of Phasmid Study Group, no 2604

I am pleased with the information Adam has provided me and also with the stickinsect eggs which are hatching daily. Have dealt with Adam twice and both times been excellent service.

Dominique, beag1esruz@msn.com (Grantham, England)

I am enjoying my second generation of stick insects from my order from Adam Popiel. Very good! I recommend Adam highly because some stick insects are hard to obtain in the USA and you have them available with fast, friendly, reliable service.

John, SRV658@sbcglobal.net (Napa Valley, USA)

  I have ordered several times now from Adam Popiel. Each time the ova arrived in excellent condition and with some extras. Healthy little ones were soon everywhere in the foliage! I have also found that this website has some of the best info and tips for success in raising these critters. If you are worried about unreliable foreign sources, I can guarantee you this is one of the professionals!

Ernie, eluikart@capecod.net (Cape Cod, USA)

Trading with Adam Popiel is a pleasure for me. He offers stick insects and ova of very high quality. He really takes care of all of orders. He is friendly and reliable breeder. I recommend him!

Łukasz, psg2500@o2.pl (Nysa, Poland)
member of Phasmid Study Group, no 2500

I ordered phasmid eggs from Adam two times (four species altogether) and I always got good quality eggs with good hatching rate. I paid with cash in a registered letter and it was safe for me. He is a reliable supplier.

Feri, ferenc.lengyel@aok.pte.hu (Pécs, Hungary)

  • PayPal payment
  • Western Union money transfer
  • Bank transfer (only with 'OUR' or 'SEPA' cost option)
  • Cash in envelope, sending as registered letter with a confirmation of receipt /delivery confirmation/.
    Only banknotes accepteed, no coins please.
    Sorry but I don't send eggs/insects in advance.
    Post and package costs (don't depend on amount of eggs/insects):
    Registered letter, express - €8.00 (EUR)
    Global express (limited to a few countries)- €11.00 (EUR)
    Registered package, express - €22.00 (EUR)
    Courier mail - €40.00 (EUR)
    (!) Shipment of living insects available within Europe only. I do my best to ensure good conditions for insects during shipment, but I do not take any responsibility for their condition after arriving. However almost always more than 90% insects survive.
    If you are interested in my offer please fill the form at the bottom of page and put there your order.

    Adam Popiel

  • My offer

    (click photo to enlarge)
    Phyllium jacobsoni, PSG n/a  

    (c) Adam Popiel

    (c) Piotr Pawlikowski

    price for living insects (min. L2-L3 size):
      5 phasmids - €12.00 (EUR)
    10 phasmids - €19.00 (EUR)
    50 phasmids - €85.00 (EUR)
    price for eggs:
    20 eggs -   €5.00 (EUR) not available
    short note: Brilliant creature, quite easy to breed - sexually in my culture. Almost invisible amidst bramble leaves. Eggs have extremely irregular shape.
    Send e-mail to order