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   .: Buying tips

Insect or eggs you can buy in many places. In ZOO-shops, from other breeders meet on internet or on other websites. Not always suppliers meet your expectation.
Crucial is the confidence. Person you meet on the internet's forums, not always may be reliable. If you have any doubts it's good to ask for references on independent place/forum. As I'm a polish breeder, I put here a link to biggest polish terraristic forum. If you wish to ask about my references, please feel free to put a post there (may be in English) www.terrarium.pl
Our offer, your benefits - please scan through our advantage.

Buying insects play cards right.
Carefully analyze all offers, choose the best,
reliable and recommended source.
Putting the order in our place
you'll get expert advice in breeding phasmids.
Every new breeder is someone special for us.
Almost to every package we add a bonus
(however not a tie as in the picture).
Looking for reliable breeder and good offer?
You are at the proper place.
We care about wellness of our phasmids
providing proper conditions in terrarium.
Insects are gently packed together with
food for trip, to reach your place safely.
A few days waiting for the courier and...
you can enjoy your phasmids!

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