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   .: Interesting facts

Apollo17 during mission to Moon in December 1972 has an Indian Stick Insect on board within the scope of Biostack II programme.


Supposedly stick insect during whole its life could eat 20 more food as its weight.


Most phasmids are starting to 'dance' when music plays. The music caused vibrations, feel by phasmids.


Some phasmids, in example Haaniella dehaanii, need a water in open tank. Don't worry when you see your insects with head under water - they breath by spiracles. Short bath isn't dangerous for that phasmids.


The longest noticed phasmid was Phobeaticus serratipes, female with legs reached 55,5cm.

fot. Biron Bruno
Phobaeticus serratipes, PSG 25

Barbados has stamps with stick insect.


Stick insects has unbelievable mimetic skills. Maybe a wooden stick become the phasmid?

fot. Gérard Joly
Lonchodes malleti, PSG 200

Anisomorpha sp. are gentle by nature, however threatened they could spray with irritating liquid. It caused temporarily blindness - don't come closer without ski goggles. ;-)

fot. Mark Watson
Anisomorpha paromalus, PSG 122

They are immoral ;-) - two males try to fertilize one female at the same time.

fot. Biron Bruno
Aplopus sp.

One a male has got it wrong. He try to fertilize the wooden stick instead of female.

fot. Biron Bruno
Aplopus sp.