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PSG - Phasmid Study Group
It is a group of people who study and describe insects from Phasmodea family. It consists of beginning amateurs and professional entomologists alike. Currently it associates over 2500 people from 30 countries. Newsletters published by the organization contain information about populations in captivity, exhibitions, meetings and all sorts of other information concerning insects. It is published twice a year (in June and December).
Currently members breed over 70 species, but that number is growing every year. Many of those species are unavailable on world markets. Members who have those species are obliged not to spread a given specie among people who are not members of PSG. Sharing experience among members is made easier by meetings (held twice a year), which usually take place in Museum of Natural History in London.
If you want to become a member of PSG write on an address given below. Membership fee stood at £14,00.

Treasurer/Membership Secretary
Paul Brock, 2 Greenways Road,
Brockenhurst SO42 7RN,
United Kingdom
PSG website: phasmid-study-group.org

Author: Adam Popiel
Translation: Tomasz Podgórski