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   .: A phasmid for you

Why stick bugs?
Here are a few examples
sent by internet users

- a week long holiday is not a problem
- perfect as a pet for children
- excellent to study and observe
- easy to breed
- can be a great hobby
- don't have to be fed often
- don't tell us when to go to sleep
- simply small friends

fot. Biron Bruno

» To parents
Stick bugs are insects, which can be easily bread by your children. Most species are very resistant and won't cause any problems in keeping.
Thanks to keeping a little pet your child shall learn responsibility, devote more time to contact with nature, and that in our times is becoming scarce. Success in breading and your recognition shall contribute to satisfaction, pride and self confidence.
Stick bugs are not only a hobby, they are a way to meet the surrounding world.
» To young passionates
Are you wondering if it's worth to bread stick bugs? If you try, it is sure that you will like those bugs. This unique hobby will mark you out from your friends. You shall impress them not only by having unique animals, but, above all, by having expert knowledge on their subject.
» To breeders
If you breed phasmids for some time, you are aware that new species kept by the passionates appear every year. More and more species are available in Poland and across the world.
We are sure you have broad knowledge, remember to share it with young passionates. Just like you begun your adventure, now many young people make their first steps. Let's help them!

Author: Adam Popiel
Translation: Tomasz Podgórski